Hartford's 2006 
Veteran's Day Parade
Veterans For Peace (VFP) Contingent

Sunday, November 5 - Hartford, CT

Peace Activists Are Welcome To March With VFP
(as part of the VFP Supportive Auxiliary)

Veterans For Peace Banner leads the contingent followed by the "Bring the Troops Home Now"


The VFP contingent nears the Soldiers and Sailors Monument with the "Iraq Memorial Wall" on Wheels

Support the Troops! Bring Them Home Now!

Sunday, November 5th
Arrive 11:30a - Noon
Downtown Hartford (Meet at the intersection of Buckingham St. & Hudson St.)

For the last several years, the Veterans for Peace, their family, and friends were met with clapping and cheers as they participated in the 2003, 2004, and 2005 parades. Despite official attempts to prevent the anti-war contingent from participating in the parade following the 2003 Iraq Invasion, the contingent has become an integral part of the parade for the last several years.  last marched with a strong showing of comrades each year. Come out this year to march and show your support for the troops! Demand an end to the occupation of Iraq!

If you will attend, please understand that we are guests of the Veterans for Peace. Please respect that we are asked not to engage in any confrontation with hecklers, not to perform chants, and to avoid signage that is extreme or disrespectful of any military personnel.

The United States Constitution
However with that said, the Veterans For Peace position is that all veterans that have served in the Armed Forces of the United States have sworn to uphold the United States Constitution.  As such, the Constitutional right of all marchers to speak truthfully and respectfully to the satisfaction of their own conscience will be upheld.  Speak your own message of truth and conviction ... and avoid any shortcuts / shorthand that includes the name of a candidate for elected office ( For example a "Lamont" sign is not as much a message of "truth and conviction" as something like "Support the Troops ... Demand the Truth").

However, Important Reminder
Veterans for Peace, Inc. is a 501.3c non-profit, tax-exempt educational organization. As such we cannot endorse any political party or particular candidates. As individuals, we can support any thing we want but can't speak for VFP concerning candidates. We can ... and do ... absolutely take strong stands on political issues.

Map and Direction
Map & directions to the location, and expected street closings, are provided here: http://www.ctveteransdayparade.org/directions.shtml

Parking- Veterans for Peace has been provided a pass to the Orange parking area. You can attempt to park there - somewhere near the Bushnell on Capitol Avenue - but they may require some form of ID. I'd suggest coming around 11:30a to find street parking on Church Street or Trumbull Street.


HARTFORD, CT, August 1, 2006 – Just weeks after America celebrated its 4th of July holiday, New England’s largest Veterans Day Parade today kicks off its call for participants and sponsors. The 2006 “Connecticut Veterans Day Parade” will be held in Hartford, Conn. on Sunday, November 5 and veterans can sign up now to march or ride in the procession. Parade organizers are seeking veterans groups and individual veterans, patriotic commissions, local municipalities, and middle and high school marching bands and drill teams from throughout the state. The procession will start at 1 p.m. and last approximately two hours.

Official State of Connecticut website for the 2006 Veteran's Day Parade click => here