Hope Out Loud


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Hope Out Loud Coffeehouse

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Hope Out Loud

by David H. Brown
Copyright 2002

When they wave the flag and bang the drum,
You better hope out loud that peace will come.
If you just sit silently and wait,
Then before you know, it's gonna be too late.

You gotta hope out loud,
You gotta raise your voice,
Let people know they have a choice.

You gotta hope out loud,
You gotta let them know,
That's not the way you're gonna go.

The old men send the young to war
You know we've seen it all before,
It won't work now, didn't work back then,
But the deadly cycle starts again.

You gotta hope out loud,
You gotta make it plain
There'll be no more killing in your name.

You gotta hope out loud,
So loud they hear,
Gonna bring down apathy and fear.

Now, it's good to pray, it soothes the soul,
It'll ease your mind, it'll make you whole.
But a silent prayer will only do,
When there's no one else involved but you.

You gotta hope out loud,
And pray for peace,
So loud the echoes never cease.

You gotta hope out loud,
For all you're worth,
If we save ourselves, we can save the earth.

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