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A Western Massachusetts project for return: NOSTOI

  • an extensive public program of films, lectures, poetry readings, plays, symposia, photo and art exhibits
  • the non-partisan collaborative effort of a broad consortium of educational institutions, state, civic, and grassroots organizations in the Pioneer Valley
  • aimed at creating a community of understanding and support for veterans returning from service in Afghanistan and Iraq and for their families, and at encouraging a wider public dialogue and understanding concerning the realities of war.

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The Nostoi, which once told the homecoming stories of the Greek heroes from the war at Troy, is long lost. Of the original textís five books, only five complete lines have survived. Like the lives that it chronicled, the Nostoi is itself a casualty of time and its unpredictable turns. The truth is that most veteransí stories, whether of combat or of recovery, are either never told or not long remembered. The exceptions admittedly stand tall and shine: Achilles, Odysseus, Hector, Ajax, Herakles, to name a few of the most radiant. Even so, the numbered and named seem negligible when measured against the numberless and the nameless.  For more information, click => here

"Stories of War and Return" is supported in part by a grant from the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities, a state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

War and the Soul
Healing Our Nationís Veterans from Post-traumatic
Stress Disorder by Edward Tick, Ph.D.

$19.95 Paper

Also available is Ed Tickís 90 minute DVD, a brief synopsis of War and the Soul
$17.95 DVD


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IHCenter/Soldier's Heart

A special project of Soldier's Heart will be a scholarship fund for veterans of any era to travel with Ed Tick to Viet Nam. Each year, since 2000, Ed has returned with fellow travelers to explore healing and reconciliation in Viet Nam.

Voices in Wartime Home

Soldierís Heart is a grass-roots healing project for at-risk veterans and their families based on Ed Tick's book, War and the Soul. ...