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WHCPJ and CCPJ Produced Public Access TV Show

Each month the West Hartford Citizens For Peace and Justice (WHCPJ) and the Connecticut Coalition for Peace and Justice (CCPJ) produce a thirty minute show for Public Access Channels under the time slot labeled "W. H. Activism."  The current schedule for for West Hartford Community Television can be seen by clicking on the: Schedule

These shows can be borrowed and shown on other Community Television networks.

Programs that have been produced:
No 22 Eve Soumerai, World War II Survivor and participant in KINDERTRANSPORT for Jewish children from Germany to England - Emily Chasse interviews Eve about her Peace work
No 21 HOPE OUT LOUD yearly festival and the monthly coffeehouse in Hartford - Emily Chasse interviews Eric Stamm about the Hope Out Loud activities. Kevin Lamkins and Chris Phillps end the program with guitar/cello music.
No 20 Ghana #2: Installing Water Filters - Emily Chasse interviews Marla Ludwig about her second trip to Ghana in May of 2006
No 19 PEACE CENTER - Emily Chasse interviews MaryLee Morrison about her Peace Center in Hartford.
No 18 Hartford Independent Media (HIMC) and the realm of Independent Media - Emily Chasse interviews Kevin Lamkins and Kerri Provost
No 17 Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Trans-sexual issues - Emily Chasse interviews Stephen Bickford, Shawn Lang, and Frank O'Gorman.
No 16 Reclaiming the Prophetic Voice Emily Chasse interviews John Humphries 
December 2005
No 25
David Rozzi and Ross Harmon about the Hartford "Food Not Bombs (FNB)" group. They also discuss their recent trip to New Orleans to help with Hurricane Katrina relief.
Nov 2005
No 14
Marla Ludwig - Taking a vacation to Ghana to set up a library and become a 'grandmother' to 200 children.
Oct 2005
No 13
Alternative to Violence Programs - Local activists work in prisons to teach alternatives to violence 
Sept 2005
No 12
Unanswered Questions about 9/11 - Cheryl Curtis talks about many of the unanswered questions surrounding 9/11 and how the 9/11 Commission skirted many perplexing and troubling inconsistencies. 
Jul 2005
No 11
No. 11 - InterReligious Eco-Justice Network
Host: Emily Chasse
Guest: Rabbi Andrea Cohen-Kiener
Jun 2005
No 10
No. 10 - Israel/Palestine Issues
Host: Emily Chasse, Chris Gauvreau
Guest: Michael Warschawski ( Author of On the Border )
May 2005
No 9
No. 9 Nicaragua Sister City Project
Host: Emily Chasse 
Guests: Jack Lucas, Bridgid Allen, Richard Allen.
Apr 2005
No 8
No. 8 Animal rights and issues, esp. circus elephants 
Host: Emily Chasse 
Guests: Kathy Hucks, Tom Rider
Mar 2005
No 7
No. 7 Electronic Voting
Host: Emily Chasse
Guest: Rich Sivel
Feb 2005
No 6
No. 6 Counter Recruitment 
Host: Emily Chasse
Guests: Ana Lachelier, Marela Zacharias
Jan 2005
No 5
No. 5 Peace Groups on Summer Vacation 
Host: Emily Chasse 
Guests: Eric Stamm, Cheryl Curtiss
Dec 2004
No 4
No. 4 Weapons In Space  
Host: Emily Chasse
Guest: Bruce Gagnon
Nov 2004
No 3
No. 3 - Labor Art Mural
Host: Emily Chasse
Guest: Michael Alewicz,
Oct 2004
No 2
No. 2 Nuclear Issues  
Host: Eric Stamm
Guests: Charlie Pruitt, Marcia Morris
Sep 2004
No 1
No. 1 West Hartford Activism Peace Movement in West Hartford 
Host: Emily Chasse
Guests: Mims Butterworth, Flo Woodeil, David Brown, Marcia Morris, AFSC Connecticut