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Legislative and Nuclear Weapons Issues

Nuclear / Legislative Issues - This committee will follow legislative and nuclear issues and report back at the main group each week. 

For the Nuclear Weapons issues, this committee works closely with the No Nukes - No War statewide committee.

Legislative issues are handled on an ad-hoc basis.


In September the Bush Administration announced a doctrine of first strike "pre-emptive" use of nuclear weapons against non-nuclear nations suspected of harboring weapons of mass destruction. If this doctrine had been in place in 2003, the U.S. might have nuclear bombed Iraq. This doctrine greatly increases the danger of a nuclear confrontation.

The consideration of first strike use of nuclear weapons on Iran by the Bush Administration has made the world a much more dangerous place to live.

The world looks on as the U.S. keeps blocking international efforts to disarm nuclear weapons. It is urgent that we work for the reduction and elimination of nuclear weapons, before they are used and convince our leaders of this necessity.

The NO Nukes! NO War! committee is conducting the following related campaigns:

1. We urge the divestment by cities, states, unions, churches, etc., of pension and other funds from the dozen companies most involved with the production and development nuclear weapons. These dirty dozen companies are as follows:
     Bechtel, Inc.
     British Aerospace Electronics (BAE Systems)
     British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL)
     General Dynamics
     Lockheed Martin
     University of California

     Can you approach your Church or Synagogue, Town or City Council or your union with this proposal ? This would be an excellent way of raising the issue of nuclear weapons and taking positive action. If you can help please contact us.

2. At the federal level, urge the passage of HR 373, sponsored by Representative Lynn Woolsey, calling for nuclear weapons disarmament and a NO first strike use of nuclear weapons policy. Please sign our petition and send a message to your Congressional Representative asking for him/her to co-sponsor HR 373. Please follow-up with a phone call or letter to your Representative in support of this resolution.

3. At the state level, we hope to pass again a legislative resolution calling for nuclear weapons disarmament. Such a resolution actually passed the state Senate in spring 2005, but was not taken up by the state House.

The No Nukes! No War! Committee meets the third Thursday of every month at the Church of the Holy Trinity in Middletown at 6:00 P.M. We welcome your participation. Please contact Joe Wasserman at 860-561-1897 or at for more information on this committee.

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