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Tree of Life Conference on Israel and Palestine
Dec. 3, 1:30 pm

We have sought to identify voices of conscience and models of hope that served as beacons of light in this conflict. Fortunately, there is an abundance of Israelis and Palestinians - Jews, Muslims and Christians - who have exemplified themselves in their efforts toward peace and reconciliation. In this tree of Life Conference we hope to highlight those efforts. With a special focus on the City of Bethlehem as it is today, we will try to come a better understanding of the realities of the occupation and the impediments to peace, but also, we hope to explore how we can support and amplify the voices of those children of Abraham-Jews, Muslims and Christians-who have exemplified themselves as a light shining in the darkness.

Location: 2 Ferry Rd., Old Lyme
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$25.00 Student discount is available.

Conference speakers include:

1. Christian and Moslem Guests from Bethlehem University, located in the ancient city of Bethlehem, now largely surrounded by the apartheid wall.

2. BENJAMIN BEIT-HA LLAHMI, Professor of psychology at Haifa University in Israel. His book Original Sins: Reflections on the History of Zionism and Israel was published by Interlink, New York in 1993. An Arabic translation was published in 2001. Dr. Beit-Hallahmi will speak on how the historical response to the great sin of anti-Semitism has led to the great sin of the victimization of the Palestinians in West Asia and on how these two wrongs don't make anything right.

3. ANNA BA LTZER, a young American Jewish woman, and granddaughter of holocaust refugees. Based upon her experience with the International Women's Peace Service, she has written the book, Witness in Palestine: Journal of a Jewish American Woman in the Occupied Territories. Sharing her own experiences and extensive photographs, Anna describes the human rights impact of the occupation, the human and the environmental cost of the conflict, the injustice of the wall and the destruction of Palestinian communities. ( )

4. YEHUD SHAUL, a former Israeli soldier and the founder of Breaking the Silence which is working to document the dehumanization that accompanies the occupation, both for the Palestinians who are occupied and also for the Israeli soldiers who enforce the occupation. (


  • The First Congregational Church of Old Lyme
  • Bethlehem University
  • We Refuse To Be Enemies
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  • Christ the King Roman Catholic Church
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Contact: Jean Panza
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