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Standing Committees of the 
Connecticut Coalition for Peace and Justice

Currently there are five standing committees of CCPJ

Nuclear / Legislative Issues - This committee will follow legislative and nuclear issues and report back at the main group each week. 

Alternatives to Military Service - This committee is focused on helping keep high school and junior college students aware of the alternatives to military service.  Another more urgent task is to provide these students with information about what is really in the military contracts should they actually decide to join the Armed Forces of the United States. 

Hope Out Loud -This committee is focused on the annual Hope of Loud festival and the monthly coffee houses that held keep the spirit alive as well as raise funds for the event. 

West Hartford Public Access Television - This committee is focused on the developing one monthly show for West Hartford Public Access Television.

Sub-Standard Housing - This committee is focused on bringing attention to sub-standard housing throughout the world ... as well as here in our own backyard ... in Connecticut.

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