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 Monthly Hope Out Loud Coffeehouse  

The Connecticut Coalition for Peace and Justice (CCPJ)

invites you to join us at the monthly



(last Friday of many past months)

"Hear's" some music that you might hear at the Coffeehouse 

The Hope Out Loud Song by David Brown and the infamous Kevin,
For version 1, click here => here  
For a slightly different version 2, click => here
For the words to the world famous song Hope-Out-Loud => here
To listen to Mighty Marla's Ghana Song, click => here
Dawn Terese sings Peace in Africa => here.  Her information can be seen on
Steve Fornier sings his famous rendition of  the "Bag Daddy Rag" => here
Eric Paradine sings frequently but no sample is here yet but you can hear him if you log on at
Billy Tuggle (from Chicago) stopped by for a cameo appearance and performed "I am a Lion."  To hear Billy perform "Negroampliphobia" click => here.  To go to his web site, click => here
Hap Hazard visits frequently and to hear him sing "Oil in the Sand" click => here.  To visit his web site, click => here.
Fortune's Gale (aka Gale B. Gardiner) is long time performer and to hear "Forever and Always" click => here.  To visit Gale's web site, click => here.